We welcome people of all ages who come to Holy Trinity to worship, walk the Labyrinth, take a class, learn at our preschool, pray, enjoy our gardens, buy a book, volunteer, meet people, or learn to play a musical instrument at our Music School. Our volunteer and outreach ministries offer the opportunity to be involved in our mission: “to know Christ and make him known through an inward journey of faith and an outward journey of service, giving thanks to God in all things.”


Realm is Holy Trinity's database program that allows you to stay connected to other members of Holy Trinity and in commission and committees. It functions as an electronic version of our pictorial directory as well as a communication tool. Your information is only visible to other Holy Trinity members and staff.

If you have questions are concerns, or have not yet signed up for Realm, please notify Glenda Davis, at or 336-272-6149 ext. 276. 

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