2025 Pilgrimages


2025 Pilgrimages

Iconography: This pilgrimage invites participants to explore the icon as a window into the divine. Local field trips to Orthodox and other churches will help us learn from iconography practitioners in their regular setting. A nationally known iconographer will guide us daily in the process of creating our own icons. 1 week, at home, January/February 2025 dates TBA.  Details to follow in September or October 2024

Social Justice Peace Pilgrimage: After exploring Greensboro’s relationship with racism, group travels to Montgomery, Selma, and Atlanta. Collaboration with Beloved Community. Touring, 4 days, April 2025. Details and dates to follow in 2024.

Mountains to Sea Trail: three-day trip with two days of hiking. Section of trail TBD based on construction and lodging availability. Luggage ported from town to town. 3 days, April/May 2025 dates TBA.  Details to follow in January 2025

Appalachian Trail Reunion: Come and reconnect with prior AT pilgrims.  We will set up a “trail magic” station where we will serve AT thru hikers warm food and lots of hospitality. We will have a group camping site. Day hikes, camping, and service opportunity, 1-3 days, May 2025.  Details and  dates to follow in January 2025

Following St Paul’s Pathway in Turkey: Explore the locations of the ancient churches featured in Paul’s letters. Experience the layering of ancient Christianity, Byzantine Christianity, medieval Islam, and modern-day expressions of the Abrahamic faiths. May 2025 dates TBA.  Details to follow in Spring 2024

Adult & Youth Camino: Hiking the Camino de Santiago separately, adults and youth will meet up in Santiago, Spain. 7 days, June 2025 dates TBA.  Details to follow in Spring 2024.

Journey Through the Soul of Ireland: From Dublin to Galway with a focus on Celtic spirituality and the religious history of Ireland. Touring, 9 days, September 2025 dates TBA.  Details to follow in Spring 2024

New Mexico: Join our small group of 16 pilgrims as we experience the sacred, historic sites in New Mexico. 8 days, September 2025 See a provisional itinerary here.

Fall Appalachian Trail: Join us for a backpacking pilgrimage along a section of the longest hiking footpath in the world where fall colors and trail magic await. Backpacking, 3-4 days, October 2025 dates TBA.  Dates and details to follow in Spring 2025