The Robert Payne Pilgrimage Scholarship Fund


The Robert Payne Pilgrimage Scholarship Fund

The Robert Payne Pilgrimage Scholarship Fund

The adult Pilgrimage Scholarship Fund honors Robert Payne’s contribution to Holy Trinity’s Pilgrimage history by providing financial assistance to individuals who wish to participate in a Holy Trinity (HT) Pilgrimage but may need financial assistance to do so.

Robert was a beloved member of the Holy Trinity family and co-founder of the HT Adult Pilgrimage Ministry that began in 2016.  Since the first Camino De Santiago Pilgrimage, the adult community of pilgrims has grown to several hundred participants taking part in one or more Pilgrimages, both in country and abroad.  These Pilgrimages vary from evening Stay at Home Pilgrimages, long weekends in the USA, to multiple weeks overseas.

The HT Pilgrimage Program welcomes any individual whose heart desires to explore the spiritual practice of embracing the ancient paths and spirit of pilgrims throughout history, while discovering themselves by experiencing a modern Pilgrimage in the community of fellow sojourners. Therefore, it is fitting that a fund honoring Robert’s insatiable spirit, dogged determination and camaraderie be established to help others explore the paths where he was able to enhance his own spiritual center.

Scholarship amounts may range from a small portion to larger amounts of the Pilgrimage cost at the recommendation of the HT Pilgrim Leadership Team and upon HT Vestry approval. The dollar amounts awarded will vary based on the costs of the respective pilgrimage, the scholarship funds available, and the needs presented. The HT Pilgrimage Program strives to make awards up to a total of $1000 per calendar year.  The HT Pilgrimage Leadership Team will review applications and notify the applicant once a decision is made.

Criteria for Application:

  1. Identify the Pilgrimage from the current HT offerings that you would like to attend. It can be stateside or overseas.
  2. Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis, but we recommend applying well in advance of the registration deadline for the Pilgrimage as funds are limited.
  3. Indicate the amount of financial support that would be needed to participate in the pilgrimage.
  4. Submit the application along with a summary responding to the questions of “Why Pilgrimage? Why me?”

Criteria for Accepting Scholarship Funds:

  1. Agree to actively participate in activities and programs of the Pilgrimage and to uphold the Pilgrimage Covenant.
  2. Acceptance of the scholarship is a commitment to experience Pilgrimage in the spirit of Robert Payne and through the Pilgrim’s lens, absorbing each moment, whether challenging or transformative, as it presents itself equally. 


Please view and download the application. Submit to The Robert Payne Pilgrimage Scholarship Fund to Betsey Horth at