Annual Giving Campaign


Annual Giving Campaign

Annual Giving 

Holy Trinity’s Annual Giving Campaign supports the operating budget of our church. It occurs each fall and the money pledged sets the budget for the following year. The goal for the campaign, which will fund the 2024 budget, is $1.8 million.

Letter from the Campaign Chairs

Make Your Pledge
All In For HT Annual Giving Campaign

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Please make checks payable to Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.

If you have questions about your pledge, please contact the Finance Manager at 336-272-6149  or email

Annual Giving Questions and Answers

What is the Annual Giving Campaign?
Holy Trinity’s Annual Giving Campaign supports the operating budget of our church. It occurs each fall and the money pledged determines the budget for the following year. 

How is annual giving different from a capital campaign?
The Annual Giving Campaign supports the day-to-day operating costs for our church. Your offerings are used in a number of different ways including, but not limited to:
1)  Salaries and benefits for Holy Trinity’s clergy and employees.
2)  Worship services, including music
3)  Ministries for children and youth
4)  Christian education
5)  Pastoral care
6)  Outreach
7)  Diocesan giving
8)  Food and special events
9)  Utilities
10) Building and landscape maintenance
11)  Insurance

Capital campaigns address the church’s needs beyond day-to-day operations and are earmarked for a specific project, such as a new or renovated building or major repairs to existing structures.

How much should I give?
The tradition of giving back to God and to the church comes from the Biblical practice of “tithing,” which means to give back a tenth of our earnings to God (Numbers 18:16). There is no required amount to give and each gift is strictly confidential. Every gift is appreciated and vital to the operating cost of our parish. Your gift is a symbol of your commitment to God’s work at Holy Trinity.

How long does the campaign last? When is my pledge due?
The campaign began in early October. Every giving unit will receive a packet of information in the mail. We ask that all pledges be returned by early December 2023. The campaign will close on December 31, 2023. 

What is the annual operating budget?
The 2024 pledge goal is $1.8 million. Budget line items include outreach, building maintenance, worship costs, diocesan giving, salary and benefits, food, insurance and utilities. The budget is carefully planned and monitored, based on the pledges we receive.

How can I make my pledge?
You can place your completed pledge form in an envelope and place it in the collection plate during a Sunday service or mail it to the church office. You can make your pledge online here

How can I fulfill/contribute to the pledge I made? Do I have to pay at the time I pledge? Can I pay in installments?
You may pay your pledge when you make it or you can pay in monthly or quarterly installments. Each quarter, you will receive a statement summarizing your gifts for the year.

  • You can make your contribution to your pledge online via credit or debit card by clicking here.
  • You may also write a check and put in the offering plate or mail it to the church office.
  • You can have a bank account or credit card drafted monthly or quarterly.
  • You can also make your contribution via stock transfer or other investments.
  • Many companies offer matching gifts for their employees, so you may also wish to consider arranging a company match of your pledge this year.

Should I pledge even though I regularly put money in the offering plate?
Undesignated donations in the offering plates do help support the operating budget and ongoing life of the parish. However, pledges are very important because they enable us to plan responsibly and to establish a realistic budget for the coming year.

Can I change my pledge?
Yes. You can change your pledge if your circumstances change. Simply contact our finance manager, Dot Binkley, at  

Is my pledge confidential?
Pledges, whether received by mail, in person, or online, are confidential and seen only by Holy Trinity’s finance staff. Pledge amounts are never shared.

We are excited about the possibilities of our Annual Giving Campaign and the thoughtful, gracious giving that honors the gifts we receive from God.