Every Member Canvass

The Every Member Canvass is Holy Trinity's annual pledge campaign. Annual pledges support our church's day to day operations and its many ministries. All pledges are greatly appreciated and beneficial. Scroll down for answers to some frequently asked questions about pledging, or you may access our Pledge Online form.


Why are annual pledges important?

Annual pledges fund the church's operation and support all that the Church does in its many ministries. Your annual pledge is essential if we are to sustain our existing ministries and begin to address our strategic goals.

The vestry formulates and approves the annual operating budget based on written pledges. Difficult decisions are required each year because needs always exceed pledges. Pledging is critically important because the Vestry requires a balanced budget.

Planning responsibly is an important part of stewardship at Holy Trinity. In order to allow the Vestry to prepare a realistic budget for the upcoming year, please make your 2014 pledge on or before November 24, 2013.

What is the annual operating budget?
The parish's budget is the very tangible way we give witness to our plans to continue Christ's ministry in this world through Holy Trinity. The budget is neither arbitrary nor inflated. It is carefully designed to allow the Parish to practice responsible stewardship.

What is the goal of the Every Member Canvass?
Our goal for the 2013 Every Member Canvass is two-fold: We would like each member that has pledged in the past to prayerfully consider increasing their commitment, and for each and every member who did not pledge last year to make a commitment to do so this year.

How much should I pledge?
Holy Trinity invites parishioners to be generous in everything we do. Stewardship is a way of life and an opportunity to give back a portion of all that God has given to us.

The biblical benchmark for giving is the tithe, 10 percent of household income. There are many ways to give and serve Christ, but we encourage you to consider a minimum of two percent moving your gift upward annually.

What does it mean to give proportionately?
Proportional giving is based on the premise that the first fruits are given back to God in grateful response to what God has given us. It refers to a conscious effort to determine an appropriate level of giving. We ask each parishioner to consider making an annual pledge in proportion to income.

Are there giving guides?
The Church supports tithing and proportional giving as a means to give back a portion of all that God has so generously given to us. If you have given proportionally in the past, we respectfully ask that you consider stretching to a higher level this year. If you have not pledged, we ask that you make a pledge in joyful celebration of God's blessings and your membership in the body of Christ. Proportional giving charts to help you determine your pledge amount are available here.

How do I make a pledge?
2014 Commitment Sundays are October 27–November 24, 2013. Parishioners are invited to offer their personal financial commitments by putting pledge cards in the offering plate on Commitment Sundays. Pledges also can be submitted to the parish office or by going to the Holy Trinity website and pledging online. We have requested that pledges be submitted by November 24, 2013 in order to allow the vestry to prepare a realistic budget.

Who can pledge?
Families and finances are organized in different ways. Anyone, including children, who desires to pledge individually can.

Is my pledge confidential?
Yes. Pledges are confidential. Pledges, whether received via mail, in person, or online, are handled by Kathy Johnson, assistant treasurer. Volunteers and other staff do not see individual pledges. In order to follow up on outstanding pledges, volunteers (other parishioners) may be advised as to whether a pledge has been received, but pledge amounts are not shared.

When should I return my annual pledge card?
In order to allow the Vestry to prepare a realistic budget for the upcoming year, please make your 2014 pledge on or before November 24, 2013.

How can I pay my annual pledge?
There are multiple ways to pay your pledge. You may write checks, have your bank account drafted or use your credit card. You may also make payments with stock.

Do I have to pay when I pledge? Can I pay in installments?
You may pay your pledge when you make it or you can pay in installments. The pledge commitment is for January through December 2013. Each quarter, you will receive a statement summarizing your gifts for the year. Holy Trinity is dependent upon pledges to meet the parish's monthly financial obligations. Therefore, staying current allows Holy Trinity to respond to its financial obligations in the same spirit that we respond to all other needs.

Why should I pledge when I regularly put money in the offering plate?
Non-pledge funds collected each week do help to support the ongoing life of the parish. However, pledges are very important because they enable us to plan responsibly and to establish a parish operating budget for the coming year.

I'm not sure what I can afford this year. How can I pledge?
A pledge can be adjusted throughout the year if your circumstances change. We suggest that you pledge responsibly, based on your estimate of the year's income. A pledge can be increased, if your circumstances change.

Can I change my pledge?
Yes. You can change your pledge if your circumstances change. Simply call Kathy Johnson, assistant treasurer, at 272-6149 ext. 230 or

If I have questions about my pledge, who do I contact?
Questions regarding pledges should be directed to Kathy Johnson, assistant treasurer, at 272-6149 ext. 230 or