Adult Education


Adult Education

Sunday Morning Classes

Sunday morning classes for adults are a great way to make friends, learn about our faith and our world, and find new ways to apply spiritual principles to your life. Classes, which meet 10:15 - 11 a.m., are broken up into short terms during the program year, so that there are always a variety of topics to choose from. Anyone is welcome to join a class at any time.

Easter Term of Christian Formation Classes

Begin Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Divine Dance

Starting April 30: What if changing our perception of God has the power to change everything? Using Richard Rohr and Mike Morrell’s book The Divine Dance, we will explore the early Christian image of the Trinity: perichoresis, a circle dance. The unending flow of giving and receiving between Father, Son, and Spirit is the pattern of reality. God is not only a dancer, but the Dance itself! Join us as we engage this new lens for transformative experiences with God. Led by the clergy team, Broome Hall.

Inquirer's Class

Designed for newcomers to the Episcopal Church as well as those seeking a “refresher course,” or those wishing to renew their faith commitment, this class will provide an overview of the history, theology, worship and practice of the Episcopal Church. The course is part of the preparation for adults seeking Confirmation or Reception into the Episcopal Church, but all are welcome. Led by the clergy team, Roe Library. Confirmation is June 11.

Aliens and Strangers

We will explore this core biblical theme in a variety of contexts – from what the Old Testament text says about how to treat the foreigners among them to the call for Christians, in Hebrews, to welcome strangers for they may be angels in disguise. Far from the common human posture of xenophobia, fear of strangers, our scriptures reveal a surprising and counter-intuitive call to xenophilia, love of strangers. Led by Dr. Sandie Gravett, Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Appalachian State University, Haywood Duke Room.