Adult Education


Adult Education

Sunday Morning Classes

Sunday morning classes for adults are a great way to make friends, learn about our faith and our world, and find new ways to apply spiritual principles to your life. Classes, which meet 10:15 - 11 a.m. September-May, are broken up into short terms during the program year, so that there are always a variety of topics to choose from. Anyone is welcome to join a class at any time.

Epiphany Term: January 21–February 11

Painting the Stars: Science, Religion and an Evolving Faith:  Vincent Van Gogh once wrote, “When I have a terrible need of – dare I say, ‘religion’? – then I go outside at night and paint the stars.” Join us as we celebrate the communion of science and faith and explore the dynamic relationship of emerging scientific discoveries and our evolutionary Christian spirituality. Led by the Rev. Greg Farrand, Broome Hall.

History Behind the Headlines: We live in an unsettled, complex and rapidly changing world. There continue to be surprising, and sometimes alarming, developments, shifts and challenges to the world we thought we knew. In this class, we will dig down into the historical roots of several of the current “hot spots.” Led by Dr. Jeff Jones, Professor of History at UNCG, Haywood Duke Room.

Violence Divine: Overcoming the Bible’s Betrayal of its Non-Violent God: Is the only path to shalom through a valley of capricious divine bloodshed? One of the world’s foremost historical Jesus scholars helps the church and its alumni/ae rise above the greatest of Christian treasons: that everlasting peace can only be achieved through the onslaught of divine violence.Professor and author John Dominic Crossan summarizes the essence of his bestselling How to Read the Bible & Still Be a Christian: Struggling with Divine Violence from Genesis Through Revelation and shows the way forward for those seeking an authentic Christianity for the 21st century. Led by the Rev. Sarah Carver and the Rev. Nathan Finnin, Roe Library.

Lent Term: February 18–March 18

Painting the Stars: Science, Religion and an Evolving Faith:  See description above.

History Behind the Headlines: See description above.

Violence Divine: Overcoming the Bible’s Betrayal of its Non-Violent God: See description above.

Easter Term: April 15–May 6 

Embodying Self-Compassion as Spiritual Practice: In the Christian Faith we’ve heard many times Jesus’ words: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” What does this really mean in practice? In this class we will explore what hinders self compassion, exploring the roots of self-contempt moving towards growing self-compassion through a theological, psychoanalytical and neuroscientific lens. We will wonder together about our bodies, hearts and minds joining God in tender, abiding, particular love for each of us. Taught by the Rev. Greg Farrand and licensed psychotherapist Ruth Wiley.

Living Resurrection: This four-week series will explore how Christians actualize resurrection in the world around key issues of our time. Dr. Sandie Gravett will delve into concerns as basic as food and water – the stuff of life itself and how biblical insights inform our response as followers of Christ. Led by Dr. Sandie Gravett, Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Appalachian State University, Haywood Duke Room

Inquirer's Class: This class is for Holy Trinity Newcomers who want to learn about the rich faith traditions and practices of the Episcopal Church, for members seeking a “refresher course,” and for those who want to explore ways to more deeply live out faith at Holy Trinity.  The class is an overview of the history, theology, worship, and practices of the Episcopal Church and an introduction to meaningful ministry at Holy Trinity. The Inquirer’s Class is particularly suited for adults seeking Confirmation or Reception into the Episcopal Church on June 3. Contact Mark at 336-272-6149 x272 or for more information. Led by Marjorie Donnelly and Rev. Mark Lile-King, Smyth Library.

Violence Divine: Overcoming the Bible’s Betrayal of its Non-Violent God: See description above.