About the School


About the School

The Servant Leadership School begins with the premise that Christianity calls each of us to holistic transformation of both our inner and outer lives. We believe that every church is called to prepare "servant leaders" to follow Jesus Christ in serving God's dream for a transformed world. 

We offer a variety of tools and resources that help us to "practice resurrection" in our everyday lives, through: 
     Communion: practices of divine presence and prayer
     Compassion: practices that awaken the intelligence of the heart
     Co-Creation: practices that help us to align with divine purpose

When we engage our minds, our hearts, and our bodies in new ways of being with God and with one another, we become better equipped to live as servant leaders in our homes, workplaces, communities, and world. Our hope is to nurture and empower a new generation to shape our individual and collective futures in accordance with God's dream for a world ignited by love, justice, and peace. 

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