About the School


About the School

For over 25 years, thousands of people have had their lives impacted and transformed through our classes, workshops, and experiences rooted in the Christian Wisdom tradition.

We provide a fresh and powerful articulation of the heart of Christian spirituality. We outline a solid intellectual framework with roots in Scripture as well as in some of the latest discoveries in physics, neuroscience, and psychology. More importantly, we uncover the intelligence of the heart and body as well. This tri-centered wisdom of activating the intelligence of the body, heart, and mind create space for a shift to occur—a shift to live more freely and fully by opening to God’s Presence within us and between us. We provide a toolbox of practical spiritual practices that facilitate this unfolding. These practices create space in our lives to genuinely experience what Jesus described as fullness of life.

As we like to say in our work, “there is no great outer work without great inner work.” As we engage our bodies, hearts and minds in new ways of being with God and one another, we become empowered to reflect God’s dream for a world ignited by love, justice and peace.

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