Our Curriculum


Our Curriculum

Our core curriculum begins in the Fall and follows a sequence of five classes spread out over two years. The first class, "Servant Leadership 1: Putting on the Mind of Christ," is a prerequisite that is required in order to take any of our other core classes. Beyond this, core classes may be taken in any order, however we recommend moving through the program in the following sequence:

Year 1

Fall Term — Servant Leadership 1: Putting on the Mind of Christ 
Winter Term — Communion: Prayer and the Practice of Presence 
Spring Term — Compassion: Awakening the Intelligence of the Heart

Year 2

Fall Term — Servant Leadership 2: The Divine Therapy
Winter Term – Call: Co-Creation and the Commitment to Sacred Service

Because our curriculum continues to evolve as teachers incorporate student feedback as well as new ideas and resources, we welcome our past students to re-take any class. 

Each semester, in addition to our core classes, we also have a number of "companion" offerings - classes and workshops that provide ongoing support for the inward journey of personal and spiritual growth, the outer journey of community engagement and service, and spiritual practices to support our minds, hearts, and bodies in this work. 

If you have any questions about our curriculum and approach, please contact the Ruth Anderson, Director of the Servant Leadership School, at .