Student Reflections


Student Reflections

Reflections from Our Students


From Servant Leadership 1 Students...

“I feel a personal convergence of forces for growth that I have seldom experienced. My entire life has prepared me for the deep excitement this class has evoked in me—hard to overstate its value for integrating my faith and my life. Thank you.” –ES

“This class more than met my expectations. It challenged me and affirmed me at the same time. I have just retired and thought I was finished with my 'call' but not so!!!” –CS

“The Servant Leadership classes far exceeded my expectation. Taking the classes was one of the best decisions I have made in years!” –CN

“I highly recommend this class to anyone who is questioning their current status in life and seeking a deeper understanding of their divine purpose.” –PGM

“I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. There was so much more to contemplate than I realized in the teachings. I feel I’m truly moving in the right direction.” –JM

“The class was great. It helped me see there is a different way to live and gave me hope for the world as an earth community.” –LB

“This class changed my life and ways of thinking and being. I was at a terrible time in my life and now could not turn back to an old way of being.”

“So glad I attended the SL1 class. It allows you to begin to understand the world in the way it was intended.” –RWW

“I found the camaraderie around the table in itself stimulating and energizing. We discovered liking and trust. Thank you!”


Past Students Say…

“Servant Leadership is one of those rare places where you can find authentic relationships and a glimmer of what must be true community.” –PL

“It seems that every seminar on spiritual matters, personal growth or interpersonal relationships advertises these days that its program is ‘transformative.’ If truth in advertising applied, the overwhelming majority would have to discontinue such ads. Certainly some are ‘good’ or ‘useful,’ but Servant Leadership on the Greensboro model is truly TRANSFORMATIVE. Your education is opening my mind and heart in ways I had given up on. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and my soul thanks you as well!”

“Servant Leadership offers to Christians a unique opportunity to deepen our understanding of both our personal dedication to Jesus and the implications of that dedication for the surrounding culture. Servant Leadership is a gift to the people of God in these trying times and I am grateful to be part of the new vision it opens to all who are ready for it.”

“I am now listening to my life as a way to understand ‘call’ and as a way to [embody] the teaching of Jesus about being a servant leader. Thank you. It was so good to sense a vital, robust Presence of Jesus!”

“This information was an awakening for me to look deeper at the way we do and approach ministry. We want to start a school in our area.”

“I found the days in the Servant Leadership School, along with the other participants, to be very, very meaningful. I came with no real expectations other than a sense that God had something prepared. I left with new insights around servant leadership and connecting loops to other learning that have become my life.”

“I appreciate your openness, availability and generosity. This is the beginning of a collaboration that may be on-going as I look forward to making new discoveries.”

“I cannot say enough what an elegant and deep and rich model you have put together for living into a new humanity and a new world.”

"Participating as a student in SLS has helped me better understand and value the importance of community in my faith journey. Sometimes I try to convince myself that I can “go it alone” and further my spiritual growth without help from anyone else. Sharing my life with others has never been an easy or comfortable thing for me to do, but the small group nature of SLS helps to create safe spaces for honesty without fear of judgment. I’ve come to understand that people who participate in SLS are seekers just like me, and while our stories may be different, we often share similar fears, doubts, and insecurities. Through the classes I have taken, I have been blessed to have had several opportunities to learn from the stories of others, and to risk being better known by my fellow classmates along the way. None of us has what it takes to truly “go it alone”. We simply weren’t built that way. We all need other people for support, guidance, and discernment, and SLS provides a great model for finding what we need." –Ken Keeton

”The Servant Leadership course work and group work have been wonderful for me in a variety of ways. They have: encouraged me to understand the teachings of Jesus in a new light; helped me to look at myself (personally and as a pastor) in new ways; exposed me to some writers who have broadened my horizons (Walter Wink, Richard Rohr, Parker Palmer, Marcus Borg). But most of all, my learnings from Servant Leadership have helped me to realize that being in a pastoral leadership position requires that I be submissive to the strengths and vulnerabilities that accompany trying to be a servant to people in the style of Jesus.” –Paul Ridolfi, Interim, St. James Presbyterian Church

“I see the Servant Leadership School of Greensboro as a tool for helping to renew the church.” –Frank Dew, Chaplain, Greensboro Urban Ministry

“I began taking Servant Leadership classes during the last phase of my ordination process. I was initially concerned about the demand on my time, but it quickly became something that I had to do. I learned the language and framework for understanding myself, spirituality, and the world that I had been searching for. My experience with Servant Leadership has enhanced both my personal journey and my ministry.” –Kim Hudson

"Servant Leadership is about a different way of leadership. It helps us to ask, 'Are we using the gifts that we have been given?' The language of the Inward-Outward journey that I first heard at the Church of the Saviour was reinforced by the class at Servant Leadership School. I have used this in my work with children and parents. The concept of the inward-outward journey gives them a vision of what the life of faith can be for them." –Jane Brannock, West Market United Methodist

“From my first contact with Servant Leadership I have been impressed by the originality and coherence of this fresh perspective on leadership and social change - it is both spiritually motivated and intellectually grounded. I have also been moved by the dedication of the leaders and the warmth and open-minded inquiry of the participants. The classes in Servant Leadership have truly opened my eyes to a new way of looking at religion and spirituality in the modern world and in my own life.” –Dick Weller, newly retired from business

"I think the model of Servant Leadership is what the church needs to move to in the 21st century. "It (Servant Leadership) affirmed that I as a minister do not need to be in total control. The load is shared." –Rev. Jill Alventosa-Brown, St. Timothy's United Methodist Church

"The Call class at SLS helped me take more seriously than ever before the need to set aside regular time to be still and listen, and then to respond to the needs and opportunities that present themselves. I was reminded of the importance of being part of a community of people who both support and hold each other accountable." –Carol Devries, St. Timothy’s United Methodist Church

"'Transforming! Powerful! Life-changing!' Those are some of the words used by the 13 people we asked to join us (pastors) in Servant Leadership 1 class. Out of this class, one member has felt a call by God to a new vocation; others have felt called by God to bring the Servant Leadership School to our congregation. Each of us has continued this journey through other Servant Leadership classes or finding a call to serve in the community.” –Charlie Zimmerman, Senior Pastor, First Lutheran Church, Greensboro

“Being a part of Servant Leadership has changed my life in so many positive ways. I am more aware of my role as a wife, a mother, a friend, a neighbor, and in the way I interact with my co-workers and the people I come into contact with every day. Most especially, Servant Leadership has changed my spiritual life. Through prayer, reflection, Bible study, and group sharing, I am more attuned to God’s call to serve and to discerning His purpose for my life.” –Beverly Sledge, CISR, Director of Training/Education

“I am very thankful for The Servant leadership School of Greensboro. It offers opportunities for us to keep on stretching and moving on both the inward and outward spiritual journey in our lives.” –GS

“The classes that I have taken in The Servant Leadership School have deeply enriched my life and have encouraged me to take risks I never would have taken otherwise!” –CM