Core Classes


Core Classes

Our core classes for the Fall 2018 term will begin the week of September 24. 

See our Current Offerings page for a listing of all current courses, workshops, and groups. 

Core Classes


Led by the Rev. Gregory Farrand

Tuesdays 6-8 p.m., September 25 – November 13 (8 weeks) or

Thursdays 10 a.m.-Noon, September 27 – November 15 (8 weeks)

This class invites us to experience what Jesus described as a life of fullness and meaning. We will explore how the lenses and paradigms that we inherit from our culture and upbringing keep us stuck. A fresh, nuanced understanding of Christian spirituality helps us understand the paradigm shift that Jesus proclaimed: from a model of empire and domination to the Kingdom of God. Jesus’ ancient teachings along with the contemporary shift currently unfolding in science and cosmology, offer us a new paradigm that provides a map for our journey to a life lived fully and freely.

We know that we can’t live into a paradigm shift with intellectual knowledge alone, so this course also comes with an extensive toolbox of practices. The practice-oriented path of Christian spirituality will help you blend the inward journey of personal transformation with the outward journey of service in the world.

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SL3: DEEP HEALING (please note the name change this term, as this class was previously SL2: THE DIVINE THERAPY; visit Our Curriculum page for more details)

Led by Summer Estes, MA, NCC, LPC

Tuesdays 6-8 p.m., September 25 – December 4 (10 weeks; no classes Thanksgiving week) or

Thursdays 10 a.m.-Noon, September 27 – December 6 (10 weeks; no classes Thanksgiving week)

This class focuses on deepening our inner journey of personal awakening, so that we can be more whole and integrated people in our outer work of fulfilling God’s desire for a transformed world. We take a deeper dive into some of the practices learned in the first year of the core classes and introduce new practices and experiences that awaken our heart’s true desires. By creating a safe community of compassion, we practice welcoming and holding space for those braced and unintegrated tensions we hold within our body. Our time together includes short breath work practices in most classes as well as one full Healing Breath session, continued work with the Enneagram, shadow work, self-compassion practices and a variety of small group exercises.

Our desire for this class is to give you opportunities and practices to experience a more authentic and integrated self with the hope that you are led to live a more compassionate life towards self and neighbor.  In creating safe space to embrace the orphaned parts within, we free ourselves and experience the tenderness that is there welcoming us home. 

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