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Tornado Assistance Information

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This is sent on behalf of the Rev. Sarah Carver. Much of this information comes to us from the local Episcopal Diocesan office. 



Dear Members of Holy Trinity,

As you know, on Sunday afternoon a tornado struck several neighborhoods on the east side of Greensboro destroying homes and damaging schools. There are many people without power or a place to stay. The community is responding to the immediate needs of these residents and over time additional needs will present themselves. First, thank you so much to all of you who've reached out with prayers and support after the tornado hit East Greensboro Sunday night. For those of us working to reach our parishioners who live there and figure out how to respond as congregations located near the destruction, it's been wonderful to know that we as Episcopalians can come together to respond faithfully.

Many people are asking how they and their congregations can be supportive. Especially in this initial phase, while we're still trying to figure out the extent of the damage and crisis, I'd like to invite you and your churches to do the following things that'll help you stay in the loop and focus your energies and resources:

* Please tell people NOT to try to go view the damage! * Avoid the east side of Greensboro if possible. It is highly dangerous with downed lines, fallen trees, and unstable infrastructure, and work crews and assessment teams only should be out there along with grassroots associations already in place.

Please DO

1. Connect through Facebook to view damage, get ongoing updates, and access info on volunteering:

  • City of Greensboro "cityofgreensboro"
  • Michelle Kennedy "michelle.kennedy.984" - City Councilperson

2. Volunteer - individuals and teams can get signed up to volunteer by calling the city's Volunteer Center, which will be coordinating ongoing long-term rebuild efforts. Call 336-373-CITY

3. Donate Items - The Reverend Beth Mckee-Huger has reported that the following items are in need: blankets, nonperishable food/food that does not require preparation (i.e., peanut butter, tuna, etc.), tarps, clothing (sweat pants, t-shirts, white socks for men, women and children), flashlights. You can drop these off at: Collaborative Cottage Grove Building, 2208 Everitt St. or with Jan Walker, 130 Sunset Cir. Apt 104, 336-908-5531.

4. Donate Funds - The rebuilding of the affected neighborhoods will take time and this is one way we can support our community partners in these communities at a grass-roots level. 

5. Think about volunteering at schools - Three (3) public schools were destroyed by this storm. All the students from these schools will be resettled in 3 other schools to finish out the year.  Peeler students will go to Bluford...Hampton to Reedy Fork...and Erwin to Alamance. As these schools rebuild, there may be need for extra volunteers on hand to support the work of rebuilding. If you have experience in teaching, pastoral care, mentoring, tutoring and the like, or just would like to help out, think about being available in the near future to support the young people who have been displaced by the storm. Contact the Rev. Sarah Carver at: if interested.