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Worship and the new normal of daily life

Posted by Rev. Sarah Carver on

I’ve been watching DIY tutorials on hair cutting as the temptation to shed some of this mop grows. Some folks make it look pretty easy—just a pair of clippers and some pointy scissors. Now, I do have a hair appointment, rebooked for me for June 26th, which will be three months since my last hair cut. For anyone who has short hair, you know that is the equivalent of forever. Yet, I have this nagging little voice inside my head that tells me it might be too soon to go and get that haircut. After all, there’s no way to social distance and get a scalp message at the same time—as appealing as that is. I may decide that putting it off is the right thing for me to do now, hence the DIY videos.

As states begin opening up, churches too, are looking at how to begin in person worship again. I know I feel this wonderful surge of excitement at the prospect of things returning to normal and even more so when I think of being back in worship with everyone. But I also realize that we are nowhere near back to business as usual. Church, when we “open up” as they say, won’t be just like it was before the pandemic. There are going to be lots of changes that we will have to make to try and reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19. What those changes are going to be are still uncertain, but they will be a part of the greater landscape of change that we are all experiencing. Just like rest of our lives, worship will also be, well, different.

And yet, I’m ok with this. While worship is central to our lives together as followers of Christ, it is but a part of our community. Just as our weekday lives are meant to reflect our worship and beliefs we express on Sundays, so should our worship reflect what it is we believe we are called to be and do. In these troubled times we will worship in ways that seeks the good of everyone, and adapt as necessary while still being true to our faith and our tradition. God in Christ will continue to be present and will continue to be worshiped and glorified. Keep in mind that worship is an offering that we make to God and how we offer that worship is an offering to one another. All that is necessary for worship to be holy is for us to come together in faith and love and to then take that out into the world where we are called to love and serve as Christ did.