Watch Worship Online


Watch Worship Online


Please click here for the Diocesan's plan for reopening

Holy Trinity services available through YouTube

Each Sunday, we will offer a worship opportunity on YouTube: Morning Prayer at 10 AM, with a homily. To view these services go click here or type in Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Greensboro, NC on YouTube.

We have collected all of Holy Trinity's video postings on YouTube and created our own Holy Trinity YouTube Channel. You can now view Sunday worship, archived videos, and subscribe to the channel. 


Daily Morning Prayer 

You can find the daily Morning Prayer service on line at  This is an interactive site, which will give you the service for the day if you scroll down on the opening page and enter the date.  

Holy Trinity Virtual Children's Chapel

Each Sunday during the time that we are at home due to COVID-19, there will be a Children’s Chapel video posted on the Holy Trinity's Facebook page and the Holy Trinity Family Ministries Facebook group. 

Holy Trinity Prayer List and Memorials


Bruce Adkins, Amanda, Tim Bailey, Kathleen Coates Bates, Bill, Bob, Dale Brinley, Barbara Kelly Connelly, Emily Crawford, Brown Family, Alex Brummer, Mike Cammack, Caroline, Catherine, Linda Chapman, Mary Stanton Coltrane Mill, Debi Curl and Family, Ron Current, David, Meghan Davis, Peter Dew, Bonnie Durham, Rita Eberle, Margaret Terry Red Evans, Frank, Jud Franklin, Maureen Greaney, Amelia Haile, Dottie Halahan, Martha Halsey, Ed Harrington, Sue Harrison, Darci Ryan Hartford, Helen, Barbara Hutcheson, Muriel Inabnet, Dee Irwin, the James family, Stu Jenks, John, Michael Johnson, Madison Judd, Kath and Rick, Tara Kanady, Robert Little, Kathleen, Lila, Gary Malone, Bryon Malphurs, George and Maryann Marik, Sally Marsh, Peter Martens & Family, Candy Matthews, Nancy Mazza, Ruby Galen McCracken, Larry Merricks, Barbara Metz, Liddy Mills, Bethany Myer, Monica McCall Opoulos, Carlos Ortega, Robert Payne, Ken Phelps, Paula Pile, Libby Pratt, Martha Ransley, Fariba Reemes, Mae and Jim Rice, Ashely Riggs, Donald Robinson, Suz Robinson, Ron Rubenzer, Tracy Salisbury, Sattler family, Daphne Shaw, Dixon Smith, Marilyn Stella, William Strickland, Bill Sumner, Suzanne Uzzell, Anna Walter, Samuel Warren, Mary Alice Wildman, Elizabeth Wojtek, Pat Wojtek, Tom Wojtek.

Unless otherwise requested, names will remain on the Prayer List for two months. To add, delete or extend the time for a name, notify The Rev. Sarah Carver at

Almighty God, we commend to your gracious care and keeping all the men and women of our armed forces at home and abroad, especially Patrick Riley Causey, Rachael Colon, Brown DuBose, Shelby Gakeler, Erin Graham, William Groce, Richard Jarrell, Stephen Johnson, Frank Lucius, Dr. Tony Musarra, Jose Navarro, Charles Pierce, Judson Riordon, Noah Scribner, Sgt. Matthew Simms, Ryan Sparks, Lamar Stanley, and James Vinson. Defend them day by day with your heavenly grace; strengthen them in their trials and temptations; give them courage to face the perils which beset them; and grant them a sense of your abiding presence wherever they may be, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

We ask for prayers for those seeking Holy Orders in the Episcopal Church:

Kimberly Dunn - Postulant for Holy Orders, priesthood, attending Virginia Theological Seminary

Joe Dzugan - Candidate for Holy Orders, diaconate

Maureen Flak - Candidate for Holy Orders, diaconate

We also pray for the calling of a new rector for Holy Trinity


We pray for the souls of Irene Therese Dunne (3/9), mother of Leslie Ketner, Alan Kendal, son in law to Elizabeth Korman, Diane Nash (3/15), mother of Christine Brown, Arthur D Lane, Jr. (3/22), father of Betsy Lane, and Nancy Heard, sister of Nina Heard, sister in law to Terri Cartner.

We pray for the soul of Susanne Banner (3/25), mother of Betsy Mayes and husband Rick Mayes, grandmother of Madison, Carter and Carson.

We pray for the souls of Wray Farlow (4/9), father of Ashley Wall and husband Jon Wall, grandfather of Caroline and Aubrey, and Lauran Matheny (4/8), wife of Zack and mother of Cameron, William and Lily Grace, sister of Karan Moore.

We pray for the soul of Robert Payne (4/29), husband of Sandy Hurt, father of Hallie Payne and husband David Goldsmith, grandfather of Nell and Hazel, and son of Ralph M. Payne.

We pray for the soul of George R. Murphy III (5/11), husband of Cindy Murphy and brother of Sara Ruffin.

We pray for the souls of Bennett Grills (4/22), son of Barb Grills, and Henry 'Herb' Herbert Wells (5/16), husband of Ellen Wells.

We pray for the soul of William Graham Sumner (5/20), husband of Nancy Mercer Sumner.